Want To Get Into Officiating?

There are different levels / awards in umpiring and each level must be reached before you can move further up the ladder. In West Devon we support learners through delivery of the following:

  • England Netball Into Officiating Course
  • FENA C Award Umpire Course
  • FENA B Award Umpire Course
  • FENA A Award Umpire Course

You can progress on to the following:

  • Country Accreditation (National)
  • IFNA International Award

How To Get Started:

  • Practise scoring, timekeeping and umpiring at training sessions
  • Find a local qualified umpire to help mentor you during your officiating journey
  • Contact our WDN Umpiring Secretary, Mel Rooks to express an interest
  • Keep an eye on officiating courses being offered locally

Need More Information?

More Information On The Different Courses EN Offer

Want to find out some more information on the different EN awards and courses available?