Musketeers Netball Club

About the club:

Musketeers Netball Club was founded on the motto of the Three Musketeers ‘All for one and one for all.’ Having started up in the 2018/ 19 season the Musketeers came together as a group of 10 girls, made up of family members, friends and work colleagues. Committing to the Club and taking to the court with the intention of forming new friendships (not everyone knew one another), getting fit and creating a mental wellbeing/ life balance, playing netball. The 18/ 19 season finished successfully with the Musketeers finishing as Division 4 Champions, no mean feat, an amazing achievement for the Club’s foundation year! We have a strong social underpinning within the Club and balance our banter and competitive natures to create a club environment where we want to attend training and we want to play netball together. Having met new friends throughout our foundation year we are super excited to welcome a new team of girls to the Club,

Musketeers Too – again a mix up of friends and strangers coming together – Musketeers Too are sponsored by Fuel Communication. Thank you to the team at Fuel that are supporting the development of our club through this sponsorship. We are one club with two teams, we are literally ‘all for one and one for all.’ There is no ‘first’ or ‘second’ team, we are a club with rooted friendships and both teams are looking forward to the 2019/ 20 season. If you would like to be involved in the continued growth of the club, please do get in touch… there’s no initiation but there are a couple of ‘rules’ that when broken lead to hefty £1 ‘Social Fund Fines!’ Word of advice don’t forget your (foam) sword and don’t wear socks and sliders


Musketeers – Division 3

Musketeers Too – Division 6


Training Day: Mondays

Training Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Venue: Hele’s School Sports Hall, Plympton

Contact information:

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Instagram: @MusketeersNetball

Twitter: @MusketeersNC